We have the worst eyes. You'll likely try to console us, and say "No, no, mine are bad too." Until you find out my prescription. Thanks for the genetics, mom. I got my first pair of glasses in grade six. I was allowed to get my first pair of contact lenses before grade eight graduation and I never looked back. Jacklyn has been wearing contacts since she was thirteen. For us, glasses were always a last resort. Something to be worn while feeling under the weather or before bed. Which is odd, considering our feelings have always been that a man in glasses has extra charm. Remember when Tom Ford launched his opticals in 2006? We do. Swoon.. Anyways, the more of an accessory glasses became over the past few years, the more we wanted to love them on ourselves. I invested in a pair of over sized leopard Yves Saint Laurent frames about three years ago. Given my prescription, they were thick, heavy and I wore them strictly to business meetings in an effort to suggest, "Don't f*#% with me." Immediately following, I would take them off and put my contacts back in. Until about two months ago. Without planning it, we both started wearing our glasses all day, everyday. We noticed and made jokes to each other how we're getting old. I found myself searching way too often for photos of Jenna Lyons and finally treated myself to thick black understated frames similar to hers. Now we find ourselves buying frames more than we're buying clothes. And if the man in your life hates them, well you know they are perfect.