A style post.. we know, it's been awhile! But you've been asking for a new one so we thought we'd bring them back. The weather has been up and down lately. Can we talk about the hail the other day? A bit weird right? Mother nature has her quirks. In this transitional time of year, you never know whether to wear a jacket or sandals or to carry an umbrella. We opt for easy layers, that you can peel off if it gets warmer as the day progresses. Durand is magical in the spring. Cherry blossoms and magnolia trees lines the streets. You can't help but stop and admire them. We're also fortunate to live near two gorgeous parks. On this occasion we took a stroll over to the H.A.A.A. grounds on Charlton Avenue and admired all the greenery.  We also felt incredibly awkard taking photos while a team of soccer players had practice. But all in the name of street style right?