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Wild for Bees

 People are buzzing about the collaboration between Jenny Bird, Burt's Bees and Pollinator Partnership Canada. For the second year in a row, Canadian accessories designer Jenny Bird has created beautiful limited edition bracelets and earrings to generate buzz and raise proceeds to help protect and restore the bee populations in Canada. Sure, we've all freaked out or swatted away a bee when they are buzzing around a little too close for comfort. But bees do so much more than you might realize and they need our help! In our home country alone, bees and pollinators produce over $1.2 billion worth of food crops each year. Canada has over 800 other species of bees, but populations are depleting. Every winter in Canada, Honeybee hives suffer declines of 30%. Bees pollinate our most nutrient-rich food plants and wildflowers, so without bees and other pollinators crops and flowers will also start to diminish. With every purchase from the Wild for Bees program, Burt's Bees will donate 100% of the proceeds to Pollinator Partnership Canada.

We've long been on the search for a friendship bracelet. With the 14k gold dipped brass charm I thought this bracelet would be perfect, so I scooped two up at Gotstyle in Toronto's Distillery District for Jacklyn and myself. You can buy the bracelet online for $24 through Jenny Bird or Burt's Bees. Last year Jenny Bird and Burt's Bees raised over $22,000 through their collaboration for Pollinator Partnership Canada. This year, their goal is to raise even more by selling over 1500 bracelets. Show your support!


Dress from Anthropologie, jean jacket by DKNY