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Tea For One, Two..

Atmosphere is everything to me. If I can't establish a feeling of comfort within minutes, I'm out. Johnny's is the kind of coffee shop at which I can linger for hours without feeling rushed, and I do. You'll find me here late at night with a latte, or early on a Saturday with Monocle, a scone (bacon and cheddar, please), tea and honey. Sometimes I make this a personal event. I sit alone with my thoughts and observe. People come and people go. Some read a chapter of a book. Some daydream. Some play chess. Some stay and chat with the baristas. They love what they do. They have a special relationship with the regulars here. Follow The Manly Barista and you'll understand why. Sometimes my tea is best paired with a companion and conversation that carries on for leisurely hours. With someone who enjoys the ritual as much as I. One of the baristas, Josh, joined me today. He had liquorice root so we shredded it and infused it in a cup of warmth. While it steeped we enjoyed the fragrance as it swirled through the room. A few drops of honey and a touch of peppermint made the perfect complement. As well as an unexpected and delightful Saturday morning.


Johnny's Coffee
129 Locke Street South
Hamilton, ON L8P 4A7
(905) 769-3694