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Love in the Afternoon
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Based on their on-line vintage fashion shop, Love in the Afternoon, designers Katherine Laird and Jennifer Murtage have been showing their playful and cheeky label WallacePlayford at events like Toronto’s Alternative Arts and Fashion Weel since 2010. Artistically inspired, WallacePlayford reinvents vintage fabrics and antique textiles in fresh and sometimes futuristic ways. And now Hamilton can get a taste of their private label and selection of 1950s and 1960s frocks, accessories and lingerie at their bricks and mortar shop. Be sure to check out their runway collection, Retrospectrum, at Supercrawl this month.


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Love in the Afternoon
320 James Street North
Hamilton, ON
L8L 1H2

Lost & Found Vintage
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NewOlds, a vintage collective on James Street North offers an assortment of vintage clothing, housewares and a small selection of handmade from Reservoir Vintage and Bright Brown. The most recent edition to NewOlds vintage collective, Danielle Plester’s Lost & Found Vintage collection is truly unique. Having fallen in love with the history and quality of vintage clothing when she was in middle school, Danielle has been collecting for fifteen years. “It gives you a way to truly express your style in a way the mall can’t,“ explains Danielle, “It doesn’t limit you to specifics seasons or trends.” And her collection brings a distinctive style to NewOlds. “I love running the store as a collective,” she enthuses, “I feel we can offer more to people so that no matter what your taste is you’ll find something you love.”

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What drew you start collecting vintage?
My best friends mom had a pretty crazy collection of vintage clothes when we were growing up. We used to use to play dress up in as kids and create these different characters. That's when I fell in love with the idea of clothing from another era. I didn't start collecting myself until I was in middle school when a Value Village opened minutes away from my parents house.

What do you love most about vintage?
I love vintage for many reasons, but I enjoy it the most because its a conversation starter. I've had complete strangers come up to me to ask about something I'm wearing, or tell me about a piece they have or their mother owned. I've made many friendships thanks to vintage clothing.

What led you to join NewOlds vintage collective as opposed to opening your own shop? 
I met Airin at the vintage marketplace in April (another friendship formed over vintage) and when she invited me to join the shop I was thrilled! The idea of joining NewOlds vintage collective seemed like a perfect fit for me. It gives me the chance to share a beautiful space on James north with two amazing girls as well as the flexibility not to be tied to the shop 24/7. This allows me time to pick new items for the store, keep my other jobs and still have a social life.  With three distinct eyes picking pieces for the store, we each bring something different style wise. The best feeling in the world is seeing someone wearing a piece from Lost & Found Vintage and NewOlds has made that possible.

Over the years that you have collected vintage, what is your favourite piece and its story?
 Picking a favourite piece of vintage is like picking a favourite child. I have so many favourites for many different reasons! I love the items I've picked up while traveling. Instead of a shot glass from Thailand I brought home an 1960s bicycle print dress. But there's also the items I've picked up thrifting that send me on a total thrift high like the hand tooled leather Circle skirt for $7 or the high wasted mustard yellow Sylivia O'Brien skirt that is perfect year round.


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240 James Street North
Hamilton, Ontario
 (647) 284-2754