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At Home: The Bedroom
At Home: The Bedroom

Condo bedrooms. I often think those who design them have never slept in one. Frosted sliding doors are not the same as windows. Bedrooms should not open up to your kitchen. But alas, modern day condo buildings are designed with quirky layouts. And you have to get creative to make them work.

After having a king size bed for 6 years, we were unwilling to settle on anything else. So after sleeping on just our dreamy Casper mattress for months, I measured, and measured and measured until I found a bed frame that would fit our bedroom space and that I would love. Enter Structube! They know how to design apartment size furniture well. The Mikael bed frame was a perfect fit, both size and style wise. The simplicity of the upholstered headboard was balanced by the beautiful walnut base. And the price was right. With this piece as an anchor in the room, I decided to continue on with a neutral look throughout the space. 

At Home : The Bedroom

With a minimalist bed frame, I dressed up the rest of the space with varying shades of taupe and grey and layered textures. Warmth was added to an otherwise cool colour palette, with Mongolian faux fur, velvet and linen throw pillows. A faux fur throw added texture to the crisp white bedding.

The bedside table was a gem I found at HomeSense. The washed grey wood and black hardware gives this mid century style piece a masculine look. I added visual interest to the table with a simple vignette that tied into the colour scheme and style of the space. The table lamp is a nod to the industrial concrete ceilings throughout the apartment. The gold tinted lightbulb compliments the brass vase. And of course, no space is complete without a collection of my favourite books and magazines.

At Home: The Bedroom

With a pared down look, the space feels larger overall. And even without windows, the colour scheme and decor make the room feel bright and spacious, and a place to relax and rest your head.

At Home : Master Bedroom

As with most people, the master bedroom is the last room in the house I've given any decorating attention to. I suppose its not too surprising, since our time spent here is with our eyes shut. At the very least, I wanted the bedroom to feel calming. A place where Adam and I could relax and unwind. Unfortunately, Adam's black bed frame and dresser came with us from the loft we previously rented. These large, dark anchor pieces weren't exactly what I was picturing when I visioned a light an airy room! But we couldn't start over with new furniture, so I had to consider the pieces in a new light. Here's how I've created a bright space with dark furniture. 


Minimizing the furniture opened the room up and made it feel more spacious.

2. I purchased some classically designed bedside tables that better complimented the character of our home. Scented candles and soft lighting added a relaxing ambiance.


The original stained glass windows were a beautiful feature. Sheer curtains let the natural light shine through and gave the room an airy feel.

4. I pulled white throughout the room through the bedding. But I added varying shades of grey for texture and warmth. The layering of patterns and textures created a cozy atmosphere.


Work on making it yours. Whether you do this with photos, artwork or books, I found by adding bits of personality to the room it makes it feel more homey.


6. Fresh flowers add color and charm. Lavender at the bedside is a must for me. It helps me sleep, and lifts my spirits in the morning.

As always, I'm still adding and changing elements of the room. There are certain realities I have to deal with. I don't get attached to any of our bedding! Nothing stays pretty for long with two dogs who consider our bed their dog bed. In classic male fashion, Adam uses our television and side tables as clothes hangers. I'm thinking I might ask Aaron over at Studio Gagnon to build us a custom wardrobe. Stay tuned for updates! And let me know your decorating ideas in the comments section. I love to hear from you!