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Making the most of the weekend
Doesn’t it always seem like the weekend comes and goes so quickly? Sure, there’s 60 hours or so, from the time you leave the office on Friday to the time your alarm goes off Monday morning. But with work, errands, downtime and time spent with family and friends, Saturdays and Sundays can feel way too short. Le sigh… While we all continue to dream of a four-day workweek, I suggest these weekend stretching tips for taking back your time and making the most of your days off.

Sleep in, but still set your alarm.

Set your alarm to a reasonable time – a little later than usual, so you wake up feeling well rested, not overtired. You’ll feel more energetic knowing the whole day is ahead of you.

Schedule time in the morning – for yourself.

Start off Saturday by spending a couple hours doing something you love. For me, it’s a quick jaunt to By Madeleine bakery for something sweet to eat with my morning coffee. I like to curl up with the Sunday Styles section of The New York Times. I treasure these quiet moments to myself, before the house starts stirring.

Create weekend rituals.

A couple years ago, my friends and I started a new tradition. We have Sunday brunch together, once a month. Sometimes we host a mid-morning meal at one of our houses. But most often we meet at the newest eatery for a decadent brunch. A recent favourite was The Aberdeen Tavern. We take simple pleasure in enjoying good food with good company.

Do your chores while you explore.

Need to pick up groceries and stop at the dry cleaner this weekend? Adam and I make our chores less ordinary by visiting other local merchants along the way. We pick up essentials at the Hamilton Farmers’ Market and flowers at I Fiori. Along the way we might pop into an art gallery or favourite coffee shop. If Adam stops to get a hair cut at the barber, I’ll stop in Centro Garden to check out their newest goods. It’s far easier to cross chores off your to-do list if you can slip in some fun in between.

Get out and about town.

Discover your city and your neighbouring cities, too. It’s easy to forget the beauty that can be found in our own backyards but a quick scan of Twitter, or your local newspaper, and you’re sure to find events, art exhibitions or music festivals you can plan to attend as well as new eateries to try. This weekend in Hamilton, the season's first Farm Crawl takes place as well as the Christie Antique Show. I stumbled across Yolanda’s Spuntino Casa on Instagram and, after rounding up a bunch of friends to go, we enjoyed one of the best dinners we have had in awhile. You can always pick a gallery or shop you have yet to visit too. I realized I had never visited Carnegie Gallery in Dundas and when I went, I discovered the most beautiful drawings of Katherine MacDonald and John Miecznikowski.

Plan a staycation.

A weekend away may not be affordable, but you can plan something out of the ordinary to make it feel as though you’ve escaped to a different city. Just this past weekend, Adam and I scored tickets to a Blue Jays game, used a gift certificate we had for a couple’s massage at Elmwood Spa and sipped on cocktails in The Ritz-Carlton lobby bar before having dinner. The break from routine turned an ordinary weekend into something special. And it made us feel as though we were on vacation, even if just for an afternoon.

Savour Sunday night.

We often shorten our weekend by starting to think about what’s ahead for the next week. Planning something fun for Sunday night will keep your mind focused on the moment instead of your Monday morning grind. We like to visit The Cheese Shoppe on Locke during the late afternoon to prepare a charcuterie board to share, whether it’s between the two of us or with friends while watching a movie.

How do you stretch your weekend? Share your tips for getting the most out of the weekend by leaving me a note in the comments section!


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