Shirt and iPhone case by  J.Crew

Shirt and iPhone case by J.Crew

I'm sure you'll agree that this winter has been far too long. I find myself longing for an extended vacation, but I'd be happy with a weekend away. Last year Adam and I spent several weekends on the road, inspired by The New York Times 36 Hours book. We planned out two or three-night stays in random cities and made the most out of our short trips.

We started the year in the borough of Brooklyn, New York. In the spring we ventured out to Washington, D.C to take in the cherry blossoms. We spent Canada Day and the 4th of July seaside in Rockland, Maine before driving down the coast to Portland. And in the fall we visited our sister steel city, Pittsburgh.

I love looking at all the photos I snapped and where they fall on the map. It's telling that I'm a Northeast girl at heart.

We haven't made any vacation plans yet for this year. But its -12°C here right now and the South of France is looking pretty, pretty good.

Stephanie Trendocher