Weekends on the road


With busy jobs, Adam and I have found it hard to get away on a long vacation. But we've been eager to travel and in need of a break. While day dreaming in the travel section at the bookstore I stumbled across The New York Times 36 Hours: 150 Weekends in the USA & Canada. From lively cities to quaint towns, the book is beautifully illustrated and filled with inspiring itineraries. I never felt a weekend away was enough time to truly enjoy a city, but this book gives you ideas for making the most out of a short trip. I love too, that the books is filled with local institutions and hidden gems in each city that you might not otherwise have discovered. Over New Years we visited Brooklyn, New York. In May we went to Washington, D.C. And now we're driving down to visit our friend in Rockland, Maine before making a quick jaunt over to Portland, Maine. Wish me a bon voyage!