Wish List: My Picks From the Farfetch Black Friday Sale

It’s that time of year! Sales are starting with Black Friday quickly approaching. So I thought I would share what’s on my wish list from Farfetch. They are one of my favourite online retail platforms for shopping designer brands and boutiques around the globe. And sales like these are a chance to splurge on your dream investment pieces that are deeply discounted — whether it’s stocking up on winter essentials like a beautiful new coat, or treating yourself to an investment handbag, or pair of a statement shoes. Navigating online sales can be overwhelming, so I’ve rounded up 14 of my my designer picks! The pieces I’ve selected are by some of my most coveted brands like Jacquemus, Beaufille and Toteme. And each is unique, timeless and something to treasure for years. I hope they inspire you to start your own wishlist for Farfetch's Black Friday sale!

Farfetch Black Friday Sale Wishlist 02 by Beaux Mondes
  1. Scarf collar wool blouse by Low Classic | 2. Double-Breasted Corduroy Blazer by Ganni | 3. Leather bucket bag by Danse Lente | 4. Gold spiral earrings by Beaufille | 5. Check belted trench coat by Low Classic | 6. Leather ankle boots by Ann Demeulemeester | 7. Straight leg jeans by Toteme

Farfetch Black Friday Sale Wishlist by Beaux Mondes

8. Wrap blazer by Jacquemus | 9. Leather crossbody bag by Victoria Beckham | 10. Cotton shirt by Matériel | 11. Earrings by Rosantica | 12. Plaid flared trousers by Des Prés | 13. Check wool mules by Tabitha Simmons | 14. Cutout dress by Beaufille

Do you have your eye on any designer pieces from Farfetch? Let me know your faves!

Summer Slumber
Photo 2018-07-02, 11 10 36 AM.jpg

Summer days are well spent.

But those longer days (and well, long summer nights out on the town) often affect how well we sleep. I've partnered with Leesa, an innovative brand helping people sleep better, to share my six tips to ensure you sleep soundly all-season long!

Improve your sleep by switching up your mattress.  

It’s the foundation to a good night’s rest, quite literally! While Adam and I had already been using a memory foam mattress for three years (we were early adopters), we found ourselves looking for more support. We recently switched to the Sapira mattress, by Leesa, for just that reason.

The Sapira hybrid mattress combines cooling and pressure relieving Avena® Foam layers with pocket-spring coils for more support. Truly the best of both worlds! After testing it for the past month, we’ve noticed a significant difference from other memory foam and hybrid mattresses in the market. With it's core support layer (a sophisticated pocket spring system with coils individually wrapped in stabilizing foam) and a pressure relieving layer of memory foam, the mattress responds to your body as you sleep. Comfy? Check. Contours to your body? Check. But you have edge to edge support so you don’t get that feeling of sinking or rolling off. And the mattress gently pushes back on your pressure points through the night for relief. 

The Leesa pillow has also become a favourite of mine.  Sleep on your side? Your stomach? Your back? This is the pillow for all of you! It feels like you are sleeping on a cloud. But it holds its shape. And it truly keeps you cool and comfortable, with responsive Avena® Foam for support and airflow ventilation for a cooler night’s sleep.

Use my promo code BEAUXMONDES to save $150 off a Leesa mattress!

Swap your heavy winter duvet and sheets for linen.

Changing up your sheets is the easiest way to freshen up your bedroom for the summer.  Linen is a breathable fabric, perfect to keep you cool on hot summer nights. Plus, it’s moisture-wicking, and naturally antimicrobial. Maison Tess, a Montreal based textile brand has beautiful washed linen bedroom sets. I love the contrasting tones of the gender-neutral sets.

Get some serious shut eye with a silk eye mask.

With early sun rises, it’s sometimes hard to keep the light out from your bedroom. Slip’s silk eye mask is soothing for tired eyes and will help you get your beauty sleep.

Help your mind and body power down.

If you find your mind goes into overdrive before bed, you’ll love The Nue’s sleep drops. They are formulated with a blend of Valerian Root and Passion Flower, along with extracts of Chamomile to calm and reduce stress. A few drops mixed in with water before bed will help you drift off naturally.

Set the mood with a soothing scent like lavender.

Vetruvi is a Vancouver based brand that encourages taking time for yourself through daily rituals. Their handcrafted stone diffuser is the perfect addition to my bed side table. I love to use their natural oil blends – especially Quiet and Dusk – to create a calming environment before I go to sleep. You can also mix their essential oils to create a simple, calming pillow and sheet spray using the lavender, cedarwood and spruce essential oils.

For you early risers, what is better than breakfast in bed?

Oatbox is a Canadian subscription service offering healthy handmade granola mixes. Made with seasonal ingredients, these breakfast granola mixes pair well with yoghurt and fresh fruit to set you in [tranquil] motion for the day ahead.

Do you have any tips or rituals for a better summer sleep? Leave me a comment or send me a message on Instagram! I love to hear from you.

Thanks to Leesa for sponsoring this post! Leesa is an innovative direct-to-consumer online mattress brand. B Corp Certified, they are also socially conscious which I love. Not only do they donate one mattress to a shelter for every ten they sell through their One-ten program, they also plant one tree for every mattress sold. 

Use my promo code BEAUXMONDES to save $150 off a Leesa mattress. You can test out Leesa’s mattresses at West Elm. Or try it in your own home for 100 nights (risk-free!) with free shipping, always!

Stephanie Trendocher